Try it- Diets!

... Keto n' Kush or Pot n' Paleo?

Tasty Trials! with Hit it Bud!

Our staff has tried every diet or meal-plan imaginable and we will be vocal about our results and feedback!

Our favourite way to feel our best for our buds, is to cut out sugar, lower our carb intake and up our water consumption. Think of it as input/ output. Put in good and fresh, and feel and look good and fresh.

Our influencer Brett the Beaut loves high fat and protein meal plans. As he depletes sugar, carbs and all drinks (except water and coffee), he needs to be aware of his electrolyte and hydration levels.

Dealing with injuries, (torn ACL and meniscus knee surgery, strained muscle and pinched nerves in neck, left shoulder and upper back, popped ligament in back almost punctured lung), he'll use CBD joints and capsules or marijuana joints for the pain relief.


#1 Figure out foods that you enjoy! Cost and health conscious!

Brett loves almonds, eggs, tuna, chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, rice, oats, avocado, broccoli, yogurt, peanut butter, bacon and salmon!


#2 Make action plans or schedule routines! Hold yourself accountable, have self-control, tell friends, family and peers for encouragement!

Brett will have 3-5 meals a day depending on his goals. His favourite snacks are tuna salad, egg salad or a chocolate peanut butter cup protein shake!


#3 Stay motivated and put up with the pain! Turn pain into power as you experience any growing pains or failures.