Puff Gym

Welcome to our Hit it Bud Gym Culture!

Get motivated, responsibly!

Puff. Pump. Pass.

Brett the Beaut is making fitness fun again! Follow and swallow his enthusiasm on social media! #BrettTHEbeaut @BrettTHEbeaut


 #1 Get started with the Brett Shuffle!!

Get your blood flowing and body movement going, in order to become golden glowing:)

 #2 Don't trip on ur tred! Try not to stumble on your warm-up!!

Stay hocus pocus, focused tokeus;)

 #3 Stretch out your core and hold weight to build your balance and bricked abs!!

You need to break before you can build. Use resistance and weight to tear and train for the pain and gain!

 #4 Don't Ignore Your Core!!

Hold a weight and continue further stretching out your body and building up the balance for other parts of it. Build those boulder shoulders!

 #5 One Last Smooth Stretch To Prevent Injury!!

Don't almost puncture your lung and end up in the hospital with a life threatening back injury, because a ligament popped out from your spine, from lack of stretching and overexercising. (Like I did a few months after this pic was taken...)

 #6 Pump it or Dump it!!

Don't put your mind to muscle, put your mind in the muscle. Feel the pain when you train. Actually feel the rip and prepare for the growth!

 #7 Dance with A Stance!

Who cares what others think? Just drop it like it's hot bud!

 #8 Use Dumbbells but don't be dumb!!

Go with the flow and feel how to grow!

 #9 Flex with the Best!!

Take selfies to track your progress! See and prove the growth!

 #10 Encourage Others and Ignore the Haters!!

Stay true to yourself and teach what you preach!

 #11 Buddy Up!!

Find a fitness or health pal to help continue and motivate consistency!

 #12 Eggcellent!!

Never skip leg day, like Brett never skips egg day!!

 #13 Selfie for the Top Shelfie!!

Take an after workout pic when you're lean, clean, mean n' swollen!

 #14 Stretch out and Roar!!

One last stretch to prevent muscle or join strain!

 #15 Make Your Comeback!!

Grow, then glow, then show your results!